The silent quota

josh | 20 Jun 2008, 3:03pm


Do you believe in magic?


It is astonishing how frequently we turn to luck, chance and fortune to make things happen, problems to sort themselves out and difficult situations to phase out.

A conscious look at ourselves as well as others around us can sometimes highlight this interesting fact, particularly in context of crisis. Do we really look for miracles?

If you were to make a list of difficult situations and how these were resolved, you might end up with a list that looked like this;

  1.  I have no idea how I passed the exam!
  2. I was sure we would run out of petrol, somehow the bunk came along just in time
  3. What luck! they had three tickets left
  4. My reservation got confirmed at the last minute
  5.  I am so glad you're here, can you help me with this? I am stuck

What really is it? No mentioning how things can swing right the other way and give you something like this;

  1. I knew all the answers, I just $%@#%^ up
  2. I ran out of gas at the traffic light, and the cop fined me for not carrying my insurance papers
  3. I swear the tickets were in my pocket
  4. They bumped me off the flight
  5. It was raining, my phone stopped working

Magic? Life? Both?



josh | 5 Apr 2005, 6:10pm

In tailspin, senses flare

Rum and sweet nothings

Concoction for disaster

You smile under star and heaven

I falter, I flounder

The sparkle in your eye

I fall, I fall

Consumed, invaded, defeated

Until morning comes.




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Night School

josh | 1 Apr 2005, 2:54pm

Last evening I had to get out, even if it was just for an hour or so. The sultry afternoon had simmered down to a rather pleasant evening. I had half a mind to pull out my camera and take a few shots of the mango tree in my garden, juxtaposed against the deep orange hue of sunset. Somehow that never happened. Anyway, I head off to meet Hari who I

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Casting couch, hidden dragon

josh | 30 Mar 2005, 4:11pm

Reality check first. We

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Milky sway

josh | 29 Mar 2005, 10:44pm

It really was Nisha

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A flat minor

josh | 20 Mar 2005, 8:35am

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A growing trend, though somehow passing unnoticed in the usual Hyderabadi style, is the somewhat shameful incidence of under aged drinking in local pubs, particularly among young girls. At random, a visit to any pub will confirm the almost complete lack of any age verification whatsoever. Moreover, women are allowed entry with minimum fuss.


The incentive and convenience is certainly there, within a three-kilometer radius of the most prestigious girls college in town, one finds quite a few prominent water holes.  Then there

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Sainikpuri Blast

josh | 19 Mar 2005, 1:30am

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This really did happen. Circa July 1999 I happened to witness the most extraordinary afternoon proceedings in Sainikpuri, a locality widely maintained as a quiet pensioners paradise. Quiet and calm certainly, save for the thriving college round the corner.



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josh | 17 Mar 2005, 9:49pm

Undoubtedly the pride and joy of people both sides of the lake.Remember what's important is that the pond is preserved as it were.To how many people these days does water come to mind everytime they see Hussain Sagar?

The stinking tank would have surely stung Salar Jung, who in his infinite knowledge could have never foreseen deterioration of a Nizamesque design to such an extent.But we keep it very simple, we have a Multiplex now, so for those unsatisfied-go jump!

Unlike Salar Jung,thankfully most of us know which one is the real eye-max.

Heavy rush, come early.

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April, come she will

josh | 17 Mar 2005, 1:05am

along with every subtle joy, although nothing in particular seems to spring to mind. As a matter of interest, who really does look forward to the relentless summer months these days?

Now thats something, summer slowly slipping down the "I am looking forward to" list.That subliminal order of all things nice that autocue while in daydream, a momentary lapse of focus, or while driving home in autopilot mode.

Here comes the sun.



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